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A loved one’s death affects everyone differently. And National Grief Awareness Day reminds us that healing comes in many forms. There’s no prescribed course. Every journey to closure takes time and travels various paths.


On August 30th, AMNW @ KATU TV is devoting a segment to National Grief Awareness Day. I’ll be a guest of talk show host, Helen Raptis. She’s raising her audiences’ awareness that grief is a natural result of trauma and loss. Events that change the trajectory of our lives can spark grief.


Big events such as natural disasters, devastating accidents and injuries, divorce, diagnoses, and death detour our lives dramatically. But even seemingly “little” things can trigger grief. Perhaps you or someone you know is feeling sad and lonely because they’re now an “empty nester.” Their children or grandchildren have moved away or gone to college changing daily routines and identity.


On National Grief Awareness Day take stock of those in your life who’ve been affected by loss of some kind.  Someone who’s had an extreme change in their life may experience grief. When we lose the stability of shelter, a job, or a routine we’ve known for years, we suffer a loss that requires closure.

Some people adjust to these changes easily, and others take time to become familiar with new routines. Some crumble under the weight of loss and never return to aliveness.


How To Be There For Someone On Grief Awareness Day


Call, Visit, Send a Message

  • But first, take 3 minutes to sit in silence.

Fill your heart with love before calling, visiting, sending a text, making a meal, or writing a card.

  • Remember…grief is not a disease to cure or a problem to fix. Nor is it a life sentence.

Ask, “How are you in this moment?”

  • Remember this is the ONLY moment we have.

Listen and Reflect

  • For example:

They say, “Exhausted.”

You reflect, “Yes, grief IS exhausting.”

They say “Oh this hurts so much.”

You acknowledge their pain with ” Yes, this is SO painful.”

  • Simply BE with them. Fully present. This is their process. You’re there because you love them.
  • You too will grow from this.


These times are a call for deep listening, to ourselves and those we care about. This is a time for awareness of what we’re feeling in our body in the moment. This is a time to be kind and gentle.

If you find you are suffering from grief, know that it’s natural. You’re not alone, and it’s okay to ask for help if you feel your grief is overwhelming.


For More Information

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How Will You Respond?

Won’t you leave a comment in the space below and share how YOU are going to support someone struggling with loss? And, you can always reach out for support. I’m here for you.


Enfolding you in Love,