If you Google International Day of Peace, you’ll discover it’s a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and peoples. Also called World Peace Day, every September 21 marks a day of global ceasefire for active combat groups.

At a time when war and violence often monopolize our news cycles, the International Day of Peace is an inspiring reminder of what we can create together. Let’s give it a chance!

Is global peace possible?

We are much less likely to die in war today than our parents or grandparents. Since the establishment of the United Nations and the creation of the Charter of the United Nations, governments agree not to use force against others unless they are acting in self-defense or have been authorized by the UN Security Council to proceed.

Life is better in a world where peace exists. Let’s thank the peacemakers and peacekeepers around us. And learn how we can individually make the world a more peaceful place.

Start from the inside out – one person at a time

What is your Inner State in this moment? Do you feel like life has shattered into a million pieces with loss? What is the state of your emotions? Remember, emotions live in the body.

I was recently inspired and encouraged by a client. Grief over his child’s death broke him open. And also, the trauma of his own life as a young child.

Grief brings up the deepest parts of ourselves longing to be heard and healed.

He experienced this principle up close and personal. It brought up his PTSD. He had no inner peace.

But gradually he was able to expand his inner peace using the ACCEE process.

  • Awareness of his inner state,
  • Connection with where he was feeling the emotions in his body,
  • Curiosity as he,
  • Explored the message of the Emotions

We discussed the difference between his expectations of himself and his intentions. An expectation is a goal with a measure of time, money, and weight in the outcome. An intention is the direction of one’s thoughts.

Furthermore, he leaned into the process of setting an intention within the first minute of awakening each day. To create a day of peace he chose to focus his thoughts – he set his intention. He asked the question aloud, “How will peace show up in my outer world and how will I feel it in my inner world?”

His report this week caused me to smile joyfully. He said, “I set the intention for Peace each morning. And I’m feeling it in my body and seeing it in my surroundings.”

World Peace Day and You

When you first wake up on World Peace Day, are you willing to set an intention for peace?

Let me know how it works for you. And please forward this email to someone you know who could use a little peace in their life.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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