This week I attended an on-line gathering of nine women from around the globe.  One of the discussion questions was, “What’s your legacy?”

What is a legacy?

A legacy, of course, is what we give, transmit, or leave behind for others. It’s what people will remember you for after you’re gone.

One woman said her legacy is to “empower people to ‘Rock their world and stand on their own.’” She’s an expert at helping small businesses put systems in place so they can grow successfully.

Another said her legacy was simply, love.

All week I’ve continued pondering the question, What is my legacy?

What’s your life story?

Then I listened to another speaker who asked an equally important question, “What’s your life story?”

Why is this important? Because one follows the other. You write your life story day-by-day, chapter-by-chapter. And when you come to The End, your legacy is revealed.

When contemplating your life story, ask yourself:

Am I letting fate write my story or am I being intentional?
Is someone else writing my story?
Am I writing the same page day after day?
Are most of the pages in my book of life blank?

Is Grief writing your story? Or, is grief part of your story? Are you discovering your legacy as you grieve?

My life story and legacy

After much reflection, I’ve decided my life story is about resilience. And my legacy is instilling hope in those struck by grief. To be a lighthouse for those caught in the storm of emotions. Helping them navigate dark waters until safely arriving on sunlit shores.

We have so many choices with grief. And with life.

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Is grief writing your life story? Hit reply and share your thoughts with me.


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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