Dear Community,


My heart is full. You said the right things.


My sincere thanks to each of you who opened, read and then replied to last week’s blog, “He DID Die on My Watch”.


If you missed it, it was the raw experiential truth of holding my grand-dog in my arms as he died at 1:51 a.m.


Your Messages Comforted Me

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Animal deaths always seem to be particularly poignant because the relationships are so pure — they just love you, and you just love them. I imagine it was very comforting to Chewie to be held in that moment by someone who loved him so much. 


I went to church yesterday and the theme of the sermon was “Permission Granted.” It was about giving ourselves permission to grieve, and permission to face the more painful moments of life without masking over them with assurances about God and Heaven. Sometimes, we just have to sit with grief and feel it completely. It reminded me of something you would say.


I hope you, Vincent and Chewie’s mom can find closure, meaning and healing through your grief.


While you held him, it would only seem right that you also held open the door for him and gave him a most comfortable journey. Good for all.

Stay warm & healthy. 


My heart is sad for all involved and connected….Chewy was lucky to be held by you in the last moments. I am so sorry for your new pain and heartbreak.


The fur babies in our lives do find a way to wiggle into our hearts.

I am so glad you held Chewie in your arms, letting him know that he was safe and loved


So very sorry to hear about this sad post and Chewie’s passing. He was in such loving care with you holding him and Vincent’s love too. I know it must have been so difficult.

Remember that mascara is always optional and I often think about what’s going on with my day before putting it on. Waterproof means nothing in my opinion.

(Thank you for the many, many more that I have not included)


Now YOU Can Have Confidence that your Words Bring Comfort


Do you worry you won’t have the right words to say to someone grieving? Do you worry about the what, where, when, why, and how?

Do you stay silent because you feel inadequate?


Here’s the truth:


  • Trust that you are enough.


  • Trust that what you say is enough.


  • Trust that when you speak from your heart, it’s the perfect time.


  • Trust that the where and how doesn’t matter – whether an in-person visit, phone call, face time, email, or a note card – the connection itself is enough.


  • Trust that the why is enough. It’s enough to be present in pain, giving assurance that the griever is not alone.


Go Forth in this ENOUGHNESS


The world is craving your strength, insight, courage and confidence.


Please comment with questions, insights, or a simple “YES!” of agreement.


Peace and Blessings All Over,