Today’s news is swamped with death and grief. Unless you live in a cave, unconnected to the world, you can’t escape it. We’ve all been touched in some way.

That’s why most of us are experiencing intensified emotions right now. And we feel “off.” We don’t know why, and we can’t name it, but we feel it.

This is what I call Identification Resistance.

What you’re experiencing is unacknowledged subtle grief. Loss that you’re unaware of.

Grief that comes as a result of a loss you’ve not recognized and identified. Remember, grief is a process – it’s a universal consequence of loss.

• The loss of our way of life: vacations, family weddings, the freedom of going to the beach.

• The loss of routine – (It felt strange not filing taxes this week.)

• The loss of economic stability.

• The loss of loved ones.

And grief comes with its many emotions: anxiety, sadness, anger, rage, fear, guilt, and even shame.

Some personal experiences shared

Three different clients have shared recent experiences of feeling suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. Emotions that just bubbled up and spilled over unexpectedly.

One person said she was on a phone call. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she was overcome with grief. She and I connected on Zoom and I guided her through the process of connecting with her body to release the grief.

Another woman related how sad she felt while cancelling all her vacations for the year. But then she realized she now had the freedom to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting a dog. She’d be working from home and could take the dog outside during her lunch hour. For her, she found opportunity in loss.

Finally, another client, an introvert like me, said how much she was enjoying the extra space in her life. Fewer invitations to consider. Less time spent going to classes and interacting. Her fear is that when life shifts back to normal, she’ll feel spread thin once again.

We explored some root causes for why she accepted too many engagements. She realized her fear-of-missing-out was leading to an over-committed social calendar.

She accessed her Inner Stillness. Through the body’s guidance, she located a clear new direction for her future self.

Now the question is: how do I navigate these feelings resulting from so much loss?

Awareness is the first step.
Don’t resist identifying your emotion. Name it.

Remember A.C.E.

A= Awareness is the first key to change
C= Connect to your emotions through the body’s guidance
E= Explore and Expand in the NOW moment. The only moment we have.

What subtle loss have you experienced this week?

Has it opened space for you or are you experiencing an unsettled state?

Email me to share your experiences, discoveries, and questions.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,