Connection is something we strive for as humans. It is a basic need. When you’ve experienced a loss, recovering that relationship becomes even more vital within yourself. You can use the world around you to make it easier. How can nature help create a body-mind connection?

Let’s explore…

You often hear the expression, “Be one with nature.” 

What I envision from this phrase is simply that when you allow yourself to truly let your senses be in tune with all that Mother Nature provides, you also find a rhythm and peace within yourself. Your inner connection deepens. 

Many take up gardening as a way to escape the hustle and bustle. Working in the dirt, watching it transform seeds into plants, and simply being present in each process can be cathartic and a release. 

The ground is aptly named as it has the ability to ground you as it does each plant with roots.

Remember, grief is an inside job. The earth steadies your feet as you grow in connection to your inner self. Then you turn outward to grow in connection with your outer self once more.

Dig into the EARTH for that bridge between body and mind:


Tap into what you know. While grief can be jarring, pulling from what you’ve already gone through can show you a new perspective you may have blocked from the initial upset.


Making new connections with positive, curious thoughts while you process the negative feelings may pave the way out of the depths of despair. Then, when your mind wanders down into darkness, the light of the new association will help offset and keep you moving forward. 


Knowing that you’re not alone and won’t be in the deep end of the hurt forever is comforting. Often, it feels as though you’re stranded on a deserted island. However, trust that you can reclaim your life and move through the grief – with assistance if necessary.


They say, “Time heals all wounds.” While this may be skewed, taking the time to DO your  healing and your grieving changes your life to become something you can tolerate. Loss is part of life, and learning to hold space for it is essential.


Without heart and caring, there would likely be no hurting to heal but also how boring life would be then. Your heart is what truly creates the path for your mind and body to connect. What a powerful muscle it truly is even when it feels crushed, it continues on and so can you. 

The EARTH is capable of truly remarkable feats. When you let yourself be rooted and truly create a body-mind connection, you will be better equipped to know how to move beyond your grief and live through your loss.

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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