You Can Respond to Impending Disaster by Listening to our Body and Your Heart

When hearing about another impending natural disaster, like Hurricane Florence, how do we respond? How do we show up for ourselves and those impacted?


Fear is Felt in Our Body

I have felt the constriction in my body building as the weather reports detail the twists and turns of Hurricane Florence. My brain attempts to re-Mind me that I am living in the Northwest. I am safe. Yet I feel tense.


Have you felt it too? We automatically experience tightness, anxiety, when we hear disastrous news. We tense up when we’re about to be hit or slammed.


Soothe Yourself so You Can Respond with an Open Heart

Use the closest, most reliable solution – your breathing.


1. Simply pause, cast your eyes down or close them.


2. Take a deep cleansing breath. Then breathe in through your nose.


3. Notice the temperature of the breath coming in. Immediately your attention moves from your muddled mind to your nostrils.


4. Then, rest a hand on the farthest place in your body where the air moves. Your stomach? Your lower chest?


5. Pause and notice, “Oh my _________(name the body part).”


6. Now, exhale. Notice the temperature now.


Repeat this sequence for ONE minute. That’s enough.


You’ll feel your body has rested. Your mind has relaxed, and your emotions are soothed. The fear has dissipated.


Now You Can Access the Wisdom of Your Heart

When I practice this breathing, I find my body at rest, my mind at peace, and my heart re-minds me ‘we are all connected’.


This connection breaks my heart wide open. And I listen. What is mine to do?


Prompted by my heart’s answer, I go on-line and find the churches and shelters opening their doors to entire families. Families with people and pets. Everyone is welcome there.


My heart sends love and protection out to them in the form of prayers. Who among us isn’t praying for the hurricane to change its course, slow its energy, and implode in the middle of the Atlantic?


I remember that line in the Bible where Jesus teaches, “Ask and the door is opened.”


So, I ask for guidance as I pray. What is the highest and best for this situation thousands of miles away?


My heart is open, powerful, and connected. I’m not praying out of fear.


Whatever the outcome, my body is soothed, my mind relaxed ready to act because my heart is leading the way.


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