Are you currently in the agony of Raw and Fragile Grief? Then I ask you, “Have you looked up lately?” Open your heart to receive signs from nature, like these magical experiences with hummingbird sightings.

Last night, while talking to a colleague, the topic of birds and nature signs came up. I asked, “Has your dad appeared to you lately as a hummingbird?”

She laughed and then shared a profoundly magical experience.

It was her first outdoor concert. She stood on stage. Nervous. Jittery. As she waited to begin, a female hummingbird came within three feet of her.

She knew at that moment her dad was there, watching, proud, cheering her on. All nervousness vanished. My friend sang like a bird and rocked the audience.

For my colleague, the hummingbird was a grounding, centering, and magical experience that night.

The Significance of Hummingbirds

If you google hummingbird, you’ll find this description:

“While they are tiny, hummingbirds are noticeable because they come in a vibrant array of jewel-like colors. In addition, they are associated with the colorful flowers from which they get nectar and, in turn, pollinate. Because of this, hummingbirds are symbols of vibrancy and variety.”

The Splendor of Diversity

The hummingbird spirit also reminds us to welcome diversity in our lives and to honor the richness of variety. Too much routine has the potential to drag us down and put things on autopilot, so we stop evolving. The hummingbird spirit is the antithesis of falling into a rut!

Read more about the symbolism of hummingbirds.

Gone to the birds

Another couple shared about a nightly eye-to-eye hummingbird encounter at dusk. They were curious, could it be their departed child? Asking how they felt when the bird kept appearing, they answered, “We felt relieved and hopeful. For an instant the pain of grief flies away and this beautiful bird is there.”

In my studies, I discovered that hummingbirds have the biggest heart of all animals in proportion to their size.

Open up to Joy

Synonymous with this tiny bird is one tiny word: JOY.

Isn’t it curious that a simple three-letter word has such a high emotional frequency and somatic vibration? We feel joy in our bodies. Nearly the opposite of grief.

So, if even for an instant you feel joy flooding your heart at the sight of a resting hummingbird or a soaring eagle, feel the emotion. Lean into it. Allow joy to move into every cell in your body. Accept the renewal.

Grief is an inside job. We are constantly called to recognize the emotion, relate to where it is in our body (soma), release the heaviness, renew our hearts, and then re-align to the Wellbeing within.

Hummingbird at Rest
Hummingbird at rest. Seen on my morning meditations at the river.

What birds or nature signs have you experienced? How has it uplifted you?

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 Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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