Expand your private practice
or coaching business with a new
skillset and mindset.

Support your grieving clients with somatic and brain-based proprietary processes.


We all know we are all in global grief. It is exhausting. Learn to support your body, mind, emotions, and spirit with the fine art of shuttling. Based on the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® your self-care AND Client Care will move to a whole new level.

Now more than ever, people in the helping professions are experiencing situations that are new for everyone. Here’s what they’re sharing:

“Georgena supported our employees with grief therapy after a sudden death to one of our own. Following this event, we heard and saw the value of offering regular general employee assistance/therapy on-site. She now visits our facility once per month with open office hours.

Employee mental health is critical to their happiness at work and at home. We greatly appreciate the time and energy Georgena invests with our staff. Thank you, Georgena..”


“You have helped me get my fears and feelings out. I know that I am normal because grief is a slow process that may take a while.”

“You have provided guidance for me through some very difficult, unprecedented times in my life with your extensive knowledge, body synergy therapy and a very positive, healing energy, with a focus on me – how I feel and what I need.”

“Georgena understands the overwhelming grief of losing a child from suicide as she lost her son Reed. What she did for us in 3 short months is amazing. Her work with both of us has allowed us as parents to reach a place from where we can both progress through grief to health.”


If any of these statements resonate with you, join me in offering the Awakening Awareness program to your private clients.


Awakening Awareness will equip you to work with the millions of people reeling from the aftermath of Covid- 19. Those who have experienced the death of a person, a pet or a dream. Those pushed to divorce, bankruptcy or traumatized as a heal-care worker. Those incapacitated by anxiety and fear.

You will embody self-care strategies so you leave your office with renewed energy and re-enter life re-aligned with your heart’s purpose.

This body-mindfulness therapy will empower you with a unique program of practical, tested tools. These have transformed the lives of hundreds of grieving people over the past two decades.

They will differentiate you from thousands of other coaches and mental health professionals so that you will be the one selected first in on-line searches.

With Awakening Awareness, grieving people and the professionals who serve them, receive the body’s guidance to navigate the ocean of emotion and discover their Inner Wellbeing.

Your participants will experience renewed energy and embrace a new way of being in the world by applying the principles of this

5-step program​

Clients I Have Helped