These days, many of my decisions are made based on the questions: Is this simple? Where is the ease and flow in this? Is this mine to do?

A shift has taken place in my mind and thus my life as more and more of the time I let go of control, the need to fix, or achieve a specific outcome and lean in to allowing that Something Greater than me to move my Life Now. A powerful article shows up just in time for me to quote as a radio program guest. An email invitation to facilitate a Grief Relief Gathering for a pet day care company or conference arrives in my inbox. A friend phones to relate how our dinner together shifted her energy.

When grieving clients show up, I am simply there to listen to their story and then move toxic beliefs out of their body, mind, and habitual response patterns.  Their pain, grief, and suffering are not mine to soak up like a soggy sponge. As a shiny colander, their traumas move through energetic holes in me and the power of the client is reflected back to them. I am the mirror validating their new beliefs and Ahas.

Many of you are sensitives as am I.  When we walk into a room we are often drawn to those hurting. Taking on their pain, our body begins to hurt. Our energy is drained. We begin to feel their sadness, despair, and fear. Much of the time unaware, we simply soak up their pain.

So enter Awareness, a simple shift in connection to ourselves.

With ease and flow we listen to them aware. We become the colander. Strong, with awareness gathering their energy to us in the bowl shape of our belly button, we notice, hear, and feel the other. Then we simply allow all of that to flow through us and out our back.


Of course as we imagine ourselves as colanders, we are grounded as a listening, loving presence. Instead of soaking up the traumatic details, the story flows through us. The person leaves as being heard and we leave with our light and power shining even brighter.

It has been most interesting that in the past 60 days so many clients have arrived carrying burdens that were not their own. Unaware, my clients were wanting that other person to change. Of course they could not because my clients were firmly holding and thus blocking the shift in their mother, boss, or spouse. When the boxes, bundles and beakers were returned to the rightful owner, my clients were left free to live their own lives in awareness, freedom and joy.

Notice how you are feeling having read this last paragraph. Reread it if you see yourself in it. Now email me at  to share your experience and if you are guided to do so, schedule a three session package for yourself discounted 10% for the next thirty days. Become the shiny colander that is the Truth of who you are.