When people we love experience grief due to loss, we often put up an emotional wall. We don’t want to “catch” their heavy emotions. But grief is not a disease to cure or a problem to fix. It certainly is not contagious.

Grief is not contagious. It’s a time to connect.

Connect by listening. Listen to your grieving friend or loved one. Listen to your own deepest emotions. Listen to your body. Listen to the feelings initiated by your looping, confused mind.

Also, grief is not something we “get over.” We move through grief. We navigate it and hope we don’t drown. Even though it feels like we might just die from our grief.

So, this holiday season support a Grief-Stricken* friend or loved one with one of these five ideas:

  1. Send a greeting card.
    Address the card to include the departed loved one. If a child has died write: Mr & Mrs. _______and Family
    If she is now a widow, write: Mrs. (His name)
    In the text say something about the departed. Perhaps a memory of a past holiday. Use his/her name: I thought of ____ yesterday when _____.
  1. Send a card with an uplifting nature scene instead of a Christmas card. Then on the blank page inside write: “May the beauty of nature comfort you.” Or “May the peace of nature’s beauty enfold your heart.”
  1. Send a text message. Say something like: Thinking of you in this moment. May I call Sunday to check-in?  Then, if the person says yes, follow through on your promise to call. Say, “Hi, just calling to check-in as I said I would. How are you in this moment?”
  1. Pick them up for a movie of their choice and on the trip there simply say, “I am so grateful for this time to connect with you.” Then open your heart and ears to listen.
  1. Send them a gift. It could be flowers, a Harry & David fruit box, a magazine subscription, or the Virtual Gift Basket: https://www.beyondyourgrief.com/product/virtual-gift-basket-audio-meditations/

There you have it.

Five simple things you can do. One for each of your five fingers.

For the Grief-Stricken*

If you are Grief-Stricken* this holiday season, people wonder how to support you. Forward this to those who ask what they can do.

For the Grief-Adjacent*

If you are Grief-Adjacent*, please email me at: georgena.eggleston@gmail.com.

Let me know:

  1. Which of the five activities did you try?
  2. How did you feel and how did your Grief-Stricken Person respond?


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


Note:  This newsletter is for all who are mourning a loss. For those who are:
*Grief-Stricken – feeling the heavy emotions of grief.
*Grief-Adjacent – the near and dear who want to support a Grief-Stricken friend or loved one.