Grief is my Greatest Teacher- Thank you Wayne Dyer and Reid Tracy

I am the Grief Guide for those Touched by Suicide and Sudden Death.

Yet Wayne Dyer’s sudden death on August 30th rocked my world and the world of millions.  His music was silenced.


Still in shock reading Deepak’s  heart opening post on Monday, the 31st, I sent love.


Anita Moorjani’s blog on Tuesday triggers fear. Who will guide and support her now? I sent power, love and a copy of my book, A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief. Now knowing she has all that is required to Mindfully Grieve and Intentionally Mourn I saw her empowered.

Wednesday: Mindful Grieving

Wednesday’s revelation that Wayne’s heart, his heart that guided him to sing each of us awake with the music of his words had simply become still- was soothing. Thanks to those of you who chose an autopsy to reveal this Truth.

I simply moved at last into the vortex of grief with tools to support me and felt my own sadness. My left shoulder, my Grief shoulder throbbed focusing my attention. Yes, Grief was living in my body once again. I had to feel it to heal it, allow it to dissipate after hearing its messages. “Wayne left now because he has prepared ALL of you. When each of you sings your song as Loving Brilliance, this dark void of his leaving will be filled.”


Friday: Intentional Mourning

Finally on Friday, I could tune into social media and listen to your songs of Intentional Mourning. The Outpourings of your grief, admiration, gratitude, and love. Thanks to you at Hay House for making Wayne’s movie, The Shift freely, available. Watching it twice was my weekend mediation.


Labor Day:

Reid Tracy, your generosity in making the movie “The Greatest Teacher” free for  viewing shifted my consciousness forever. I had never seen it. When the character Ryan shared the words of an indigenous chief

“Nobody ever died from a snake bite. What kills you is the venom.

This poison stays with you and circulates through you destroying you.

You must get it out of your system and release it or have the body assimilate it. Transmute what was once toxic and turn it into medicine.” I got it!

I have allowed Grief to be My Greatest Teacher. Discovering that Grief lives in the body and the tools to move through it mindfully and to mourn intentionally empowered me. Employing tested self-care strategies healed me. Mindful Grieving and Intentional Mourning are my music to sing. I truly would have chosen a different tune, but the Divine had other plans.

I realized that each and everyone of us sharing the odyssey of our healing is doing that. Thousands of you have listened to the powerful teacher of trauma, dis-ease, abuse, and grief . You have allowed what was the most damaging, painful suffering to be transmuted. To become your Greatest Teacher for yourself and now for those you teach.

So Clear any fear of singing your song .

Then  join me in my affirmation:

I AM singing my song as Loving Brilliance.

Wayne, you have prepared us well to Sing our Divine Purposes

Peace and Blessings,

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