June’s Science of Mind issue featured a full article I wrote diving deep into the topic of grief: a call for care. 

Think about the last time you stopped to admire nature’s handiwork and beauty. How did that make you feel? Troubles melt away or joy bubbles up?

Wonder seems to be taking a back seat to grief these days. Whether you realize it or not, the current state of affairs in the world has us all grieving in one way or another. Loss is a natural part of life. Grief is a universal consequence of loss.

In our grief, we believe we are broken, separated from the person, pet, dream, the life we had…

Grief is a call for care – care for our body, care to deeply feel our emotions.

What if we aren’t broken, rather broken open to grow in consciousness?

Grief can then be a pathway to where an integration of your whole self can take place.

When you first experience loss: 

🌀your emotions spiral 
🌀your mind spins 
🌀your world shatters 
🌀you feel disconnected from yourself 
🌀you wonder if you’ll ever feel whole again

There is a process that will help guide you if you embrace it. 

As grief lives in the body, learning how it’s speaking to us through our discomfort is vital. Our brains may get shrouded in a thick fog, but we can listen, heal, and expand. By moving through the bridge of the body from your critical mind into your heart, your consciousness expands and you don’t have to stay in perpetual suffering.

To strengthen that body-mind awareness, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® was created in the 1960s by Ilana Rubenfeld. The elements of talk, touch, curiosity, humor, and metaphor that she learned in her own healing journey teach you to listen beyond your mind to the guidance within.

Simply pause, check in with your body, and ask yourself how you’re feeling in this moment to begin the process of listening deeply. Instead of running from the pain or thinking it’s a problem, approach it with curiosity. This path will more often than not lead to the pain reducing or releasing entirely. 

Trust that you will not be in grief forever. Grief is not a life sentence. Give yourself permission to fully feel your range of emotions. The guidance we need is within you. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® allows you to go inward and get in touch with that deep place within through a combination of talk and touch therapy. 

Once you’re in that place, you’re home. From there, you can move forward into the world with calmness, clarity, and confidence. 

Please don’t think you have to go through this journey alone. Sometimes an extra tool or person helping you along the way makes a world of difference. Try the Workplace ER free resource library to start: https://integratedwellbeinginstitute.com/learningportal/courses/workplace-er-free-access/

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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