What are You Telling Yourself About your Grief?

As a grieving parent of six months, six years, three years, ten years, what are you telling yourself about this pain?

Are you judging yourself because you aren’t “Farther along?”

Has judging your well-meaning friends who are doing their best to support you with books, the virtual gift basket (www.beyondyourgrief.com/products/virtual-gift-basket/)and offers to go to the movies a daily activity? Somehow they just don’t get the pain, the longing, the “Now Who am I?”.

Is there simply NOTHING after all these years that eases your sorrow? Are you the only one in the family to remember them every minute of every day?

As Grieving Parent Take a Cue from the Seasons

We just experienced “Falling Back” as daylight savings took a shift into it’s true flow as time.

My friend Barb was so excited about this shift during our Monday morning call. “There is more light in the morning. It is easier to walk.”

Contemplating you, the grieving and all those who lovingly support you, I was prompted to translate her language.

“There is more mourning light for us.”

Yes, we were able to celebrate and speak of them during Day of the Dead. As the holidays approach what would we like to have happen?

The tress are naked. Our hearts are naked too as we move into our grief.

There is NO Way OVER Grief as a Grieving Parent

I was a member of group of empaths gathered several days ago.

We were discussing what to do with fear, anger and grief so often a result of loss.

If you have a mound of dried manure (AKA fear, anger grief) you can go around or over it.

It is still manure. What happens when you go through it?

It shifts by your very movement. Your being IN it, spreads it out, changes its density.

Are you as a grieving parent showing up each day to go into the deep dark of grief and mourning?

Is wailing, writing, moving your body your expression of mourning?

You are Invited to Join Others in Moving From Loss Toward Love Through the Bridge of the Body, November 19, 2017  (PHOTO HERE)

Come together in community with other parents who know this sorrow, this loss, this longing. Through the power of a cappella vocals, body-mind therapy processes, and visualization, this workshop will allow you to create and choose your mindset for navigating the holidays.

Discover where grief lives in your body. What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? What is it’s message?

Would you like your child to return from “out there” to the hearth of your heart this holiday season? If so, please join us by bringing a photo of your child for our sacred circle.

Join me and Heather Michet, a Ceremonial Songstress at New Renaissance Bookstore from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. November 19th (yes, in less than two weeks)

Come let us mindfully grieve and mourn together.


Call today: 503-224-4929 to register as seating in this Scared Circle is limited.