During National Suicide Prevention Week I had opportunities to share, speak to groups, and light candles. And I was caught unexpectedly by Gentle Grief bubbling up.

Long ago a woman asked, “Does grief ever go away?”

It does not. It simply changes states. Read more about Gentle Grief

At first, drowning in the ocean of Raw Grief, we wonder if we’re crazy. Our brain is foggy for weeks.

Then, we become marooned on Pain Island, barely holding ourselves together. We despair that we’ll forever dog-paddle in the riptide of loss.

Finally, we move into Gentle Grief. Each of us discovers our unique way to move forward.  Learning to honor and surrender the person, dream, or safety lost.

Gentle Grief experienced

Gentle Grief is the underground stream that bubbles up or gushes up like Old Faithful. It does not last long. We may not even be aware of its presence.

This exact thing happened to me recently. Grief unexpectedly bubbled up and I didn’t even know it was just under the surface.

On this week’s morning TV show, host Helen Raptis asked about the suicide deaths of my brother, Mark and my son, Reed. I choked on my grief. I had to clear my throat several times to regain my usual strong, clear voice.

What was so ironic was that I didn’t realize it was Gentle Grief. And I missed a powerful opportunity to educate the audience (and myself) during this TV interview. To name the state Gentle Grief and let them know I was experiencing tamed grief. After my grief was subdued, we moved forward and talked about suicide prevention.

So, this is what Gentle Grief looks like, sounds like, and feels like…when, out of the blue, it chokes me.

Watch the AMNW TV interview now


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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,