The coronavirus has changed the world permanently. Our world as we knew it is gone. So many things and ways of life are gone.

We know that loss is a natural part of life. We also know that grief is a universal part of loss. Grief turns our world upside down. Grief is an inside job.

How are YOU going to make peace with the emotional fallout from this shattered world?

Use the following simple system – it works:

Recognize your feeling.
Relate (embrace/touch where it lives in your body)
Release (the dark emotions melt when we listen to them)

Do this with me:

• Take out a piece of paper or your journal.
• Make a list of all the losses you’re personally experiencing during this pandemic crisis.

A few of mine include:
Loss of touch and hugs. Not seeing my clients in person. Not gathering with friends in our living rooms. Not eating out with family in restaurants. Not going to The Center to gather with like-minded people and holding hands while singing our closing song.

Loss of stability, harmony, basic feelings of safety and security.

Seeing the number of infected people expand exponentially hour by hour.

Windows boarded up in the beautiful Pearl District in Portland. Reports of a robbery at gunpoint within walking distance of my home.

I am like each of you living in “I don’t know.”

The list could go on and on.

Now, after your list is done:

• Start at the top and read the first one.
• Finish the sentence, “When I can no longer (read that one aloud), I feel______.”
• Write that feeling down.
• Now I invite you to sit with this feeling for 30-60 seconds.
• Allow yourself to notice where it is in your body and float your hand there.
• Now imagine this feeling as a wave and you are the shore. Does it feel like a tsunami, a strong or a gentle wave?
• Ask this wave, “What have you arrived here to tell me?”

The fastest way to free your heart is to feel your embodied feelings.

Try processing two or three losses from your list each day.

As you go through the process, are you feeling your heart Renewing and Re-Aligning with peace, love, and joy?

Email me and tell me what you’re learning.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


P.S. – I did this last night with a first-time, feeling-resistant, young client who was drowning in grief. The message in their stomach was clear. They couldn’t believe it. “Wow, I feel so free!!”