The 4th of July is approaching. Are you feeling freedom from grief? Or are you stuck – your mean-mind keeping you in grief.

If you answered, “No”, my response is, “Of course, how could you be? We are experiencing massive Global Grief.”

If you answered, “Yes”, please email me. I want to listen and learn from you.

I am grateful that back in January 2018 I was called to companion a grieving person living in France. We used Facetime to connect. And I learned that the body-mind process works regardless of distance.

The process:

  • Recognize where grief lived in their body
  • Relate to the sensations and embodied images as Grief gripped them tightly
  • Release occurred sometimes in just a minute or less

Of course, grief re-appeared over and over and over. Why? Because their mean mind replayed thoughts, what-ifs, and if-only.

Using the principles and practices of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method each time, they were eventually able to listen to the guidance of their body. To learn to navigate the ocean of emotion. Then, while in touch with their embodied emotions, they could move from their mean ego-mind into the inner stillness of Loving Presence. And find freedom.

Remember………Pain is inevitable. Suffering is Optional

Here is a 90-second video of this powerful process to freedom. It literally shifted me out of my mean mind, into the wisdom of my body.

Enjoy! May you feel a sliver or more of Freedom this 4th of July.


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,