Giving you Freedom to Feel Better

It is interesting to have so many videos on my Face Book feed these days.

I just shared this one about FREEDOM on my Beyond Your Grief Face Book page.

with this comment:

You may think this is a strange post for grieving people…..yet the final message is for us… what is ours to do as we grieve?

Listen to Your Body Discern

Each of us has the answer. I invite you to listen and the answer the question for yourself:

1. Sit with your feet on the floor in a comfortable chair that supports your back. Lean back to really feel this support. You are NOT alone.

2. Close your eyes or cast them down as you breathe in through your nose three times.

3. Notice if there is an ache, pain or sensation in your body. Float your hand there. Your body tells the truth.

4. Then “see” if there is an image, a color a sound or a word that you are aware of.

5. Name this and be still for five breaths with this.

6. Claim its wisdom by asking ONE of these questions:  What is mine to do? to release? to discover? to embrace?

7. Sit quietly until you “hear” the answer.

8. Open your eyes and write it down.


Freedom is My Birthright

The Longer I am with grieving people, the more I feel this Truth.

You were created with free will to enjoy this world and ALL its delights.

Loss. This Loss -Your Grief is a call to Love your self.



It is all about the call to care for your self.

If you do not not know how, click here and get a copy of A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief.

Turn to page 111 and begin.

You have freedom of choice because choice is your birthright.