If you’ve been on a country drive lately, you likely noticed all the newborn calves dotting the fields. I never tire of watching them skip around on spindly legs. And I laugh out loud as they dash to visit a fellow playmate. But then race back to mother’s side at the slightest twitch of breeze.

Mama greets her calf with placid unconcern, knowing he’s not in danger. Reassured, he nuzzles in for comfort.

Suddenly, off he goes again with adventurous spirit recovered. Ready to explore and conquer the field.

You too may once have experienced a mother’s comfort.

Maybe you fell or some big kid pushed you. Climbing up on her lap, she kissed away the boo-boo and soothed your hurt.

Then, tears dried, she pats you on the bum and sends you off to once again do battle with life. Or you may not have had a mother like this. You are awakening with the awareness that you were abandoned, minimized or abused.

Yes. Life can feel hard sometimes. It knocks us down. Broken dreams, grief, stress, uncertainty, too much to do.

The little kid inside us wants to be comforted. So, we eat too many potato chips, drink an extra glass of wine, and zone out with Netflix. It doesn’t help. We wake up still wanting to feel better.

So where can we find true comfort? It’s found in the action of gratitude.

A client recently said,

“You must take action first to then feel better.”

So, I invite you to express your gratitude for this moment.

  • Be aware that YOU have chosen to open and read this blog as a way to comfort yourself.
  • Be grateful for your micro-decision. Look around you.
  • Be aware of what you see, feel, and know.

Then be grateful – if only for a moment. Feel restored by beauty, quiet, and order.

And, take time remembering the moms, dads, mentors, or friends who’ve provided comfort during life’s hard times. Those who were fierce on your behalf. Maybe write a thank you remembrance in your journal. Or send them an appreciation note. Or plant flower bulbs in their memory as an act of gratitude.

Simple acts of gratitude change your inner state. Suddenly, you’ll experience comfort and restored strength to face life’s hard places.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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