WOW!! It’s been a tough week. Inauguration day, National Guards, riots, impeachments…you name it, we saw it. What emotions did you feel?

Grief is what I experienced. Then relief. And ended the week feeling hope and joy.

What did you feel in your body?

I felt fear tighten my chest wondering if there would be violence this week.

I felt my head spinning in confusion when faced with several business decisions.

I felt exhaustion drain the energy out of my entire body after our Suicide Bereavement Support group.

And, I really noticed when thoughts of LACK hit me! Not enough time to get everything done. Not enough safety. Not enough energy.

So, I paused and felt my feet

My dad always said, “If you want to be neat, start with your feet.” He was an Army Captain on

General MacArthur’s staff. Dad’s shoes were always shined! I still have the electric shoeshine kit he gave me over 25 years ago.

Nowadays, using my Reubenfeld Synergy training, I’ve expanded on dad’s quip and say,

“When you’re feeling beat, take a seat, and feel your feet.”

That’s why I made this 2-minute video for you. This is a quick exercise to feel emotionally grounded and carry on with your day.


A Grounding Exercise

So please listen, engage, and then reply. Let me know what you discovered when you first put your feet on the floor and how you felt two minutes later.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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