In this digital age, a loss is felt in many of the same ways as those centuries ago. However, we also have that added piece of no longer seeing their presence in other ways. Having recently lost my aunt, I no longer see her comments or engagement on my social media feed. I am left facing Facebook without her.

Her absence (she had a STRONG presence everywhere she was) becomes a constant thought with every post that I publish. 

While I know she’s in my heart and living on through so many beautiful memories, not seeing notifications of her two cents and knowing that I’ll never hear her tell another story over a cup of coffee or call me “mija” is a strange feeling.

Even if you get used to not seeing the new exchanges, Facebook tends to remind you through “memories” popping up when those you’ve lost resurface from messages of years past.

The puzzle is to use those missing pieces to still create a beautiful picture.

Some steps you can take to face Facebook (and other social channels) when you lose a loved one are as follows:

→ Every time you see their name in past posts, recall a good memory. 
→ When you post and realize the absence of their new engagements, allow for space to process that feeling and release it (a tear or two, the comfort in knowing they hold that special place in your heart, etc.).
→ Share with those around you because it helps to move through when you give your thoughts a voice.

While these may keep your head above the waves, if you are drowning in grief, you don’t have to navigate the waters alone!

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Guest Post authored by Jessica Halvorsen of Mom Elevated

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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