Each are richer, juicier, more healthful when done mindfully!

After returning to Nebraska from my Senior Staff Speech position at Shock Trauma in Baltimore in the 1990’s, I ordered Jon Cabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness program. It was on audio tape from Sounds True. You remember those little plastic things perhaps?

Jon lead us though eating a raisin by first looking at it. Smelling it. Feeling it and THEN placing it in our mouth. Feeling the skin break down in our mouth by sucking and then chewing on it. Slowly with awareness we were feeling the familiarity of eating, a new connection to our senses and the familiar act of eating and a new direction for eating…. Mindfulness.

This is what I know about Mindful Grieving and Intentional Mourning, the New Paradigm of Grief:

A new way to be in Grief is to:

  • recognize where Grief lives in the body feel it fully
  • allow it to be the Transformative Teacher it truly is

You may ask…. How?

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Grief hurts. We wish someone would throw us a lifeline.

The TRUTH is…. That Lifeline is already with in us.

The holidays are coming……..

Day of the Dead will have passed…

Awareness is curative.

Let us become awake and aware The Power of our Body as the Bridge from our Fearful Mind to our Heart that Longs to Love again.

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