After Raw Grief , the shock, denial, confusion, crying seemingly non-stop, and being in a brain fog, you are STILL grieving, but MUST move back into life. In Raw Grief you feel like grief has blotted out the tapestry of your life. You feel like you have no skin. You are raw. You wonder if you are going crazy. What IS grief? Grief is that internal state of deep, dark anguished feelings, thoughts and beliefs that live in the body and are a natural consequence of loss. Grief is an inside job. It happens when thoughts, people, events, sights, sounds, smells and places trigger feelings that you may or may not recognize and release. It is here you must feel grief to heal it. When you choose to intentionally mourn, by emoting the deep, dark anguished feelings emerging as grief through wailing, crying, sobbing, expressing emotions in the presence of others or in solitude, grief is released from your body. Selecting Self-Care strategies to move through grief in the healthiest possible process is essential. Then Raw Grief morphs to Fragile Grief . That grief where you are barely holding yourself together. Where the daily pain and drain of grief is like a dragon draggin’ you around. I define Fragile Grief as sadness, anger loneliness that may last for months, years or the rest of your life if you do not go down into the vortex of grief, feel where grief lives in your body, lean into it, learn from it. It feels as though grief is a thick heavy rope that is running through the tapestry of your life. You continue to feel like a victim. When grief is left unseen and unattended, it continues. What we resist persists. Do you take time each day to lean into your feelings of resentment that the “life as usual” goes on when you are painfully miserable? I call this Mindful Grieving. Feeling the feelings of irritation and frustration over the littlest thing that triggers you to anger and rage, especially at yourself? The constant sadness that is drawing you down into the vortex of grief so you feel exhausted, sad depressed even wishing you would just die. When do you grieve and intentionally mourn? Where do you grieve mindfully and intentionally mourn?

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