Do you know someone in grief – Want to call them – Don’t know what to say?


Once again, allow me to offer simple, helpful words of comfort to someone who has experienced a life-altering loss be it the loss of the life they’ve planned because their partner has been diagnosed with an illness, the sudden loss of home due to fire, flood or earthquake, being fired from one’s job, retiring or the end of a loving relationship with a friend or family member due to a breakup, divorce or death.


Loss is a natural part of life. Loss shatters.

Grief is a natural consequence of loss.


Your words and your presence can comfort.


Remember when you are fearful or overwhelmed by self-doubt, you cannot be present for the person in grief. So to show up in that place of loving support, steps 1 and 2 are for you.


Seven Simple Steps:


  1. Call to mind a time when you were greatly loved. Maybe it was a parent or grandparent that loved you just because you were.

Feel that love filling up your body and surrounding you.


  1. Breathe – in through your nose and out through rounded lips. Then for the next three breaths breathe in and count silently and breathe out through rounded lips that number plus two.


  1. Pick up the phone or simply face this person in grief saying:


“I am so sorry for this life-altering loss.”


  1. You may hold/hug them if they move toward you.


  1. If this person in grief says something, repeat it because that lets them know

they have been heard. If they say nothing move to step 6.

  1. “I am here to listen. May I come back/call again?” THEN DO IT.
  2. “Thank you.”




Then follow up sending them the Virtual Gift Basket:


Audio Contents for the Person in Grief:


A Breathing Exercise (5 minutes 9 seconds)

A Grounding Tool (5 minutes 20 seconds)

A What to Expect Message from Georgena (7 minutes 36 seconds)

A Quick Energizer to Bring a Smile to their Face.

(2 minutes 26 seconds)




It will be the gift they can play over and over.