Special holidays like Father’s Day can trigger memories and feelings from our childhood. What surfaces for you today?

So many people have fathers who were absent or abusive. Whether they’re still living or gone, the memories of these men can lodge in our body as trauma.

I invite you to take a moment. Get comfortable.

Breathe in. (Deep inhale.)

Breathe out. (Cleansing exhale.)


Now, take a moment and remember your father. Do you feel loathing or love?

If your emotions about your father are negative, try this:

  1. Say to yourself, What is not mine, I leave behind
  2. Picture yourself moving away from that image of your father. No matter what age you are in your mental picture, turn away.


  1. Ask your inner self for another memory. Repeat above.

Believe it or not, you do have the mental capacity to leave the negative images behind. We are not meant to live constricted, rolled up in a tight little ball.

Some of my clients feel an instantaneous shift in their life trajectory using this technique during Synergy sessions.

When it’s difficult to access love

But memories of your father may be too traumatic and filled with anxiety – especially on a day that’s supposed to honor fathers. Then is difficult to access Love.

So, if you still can’t find love, try going outside:

  1. Try looking to nature, a continuous source of soothing energy.
  2. Focus outside yourself. Notice the sights and smells of trees, grass, and the air.
  3. Breathe in deeply. Soak up the nature surrounding you.

Allison Clarke shared this:

 Reports show that being in nature improves concentration, lessens feelings of anger, boosts immunity, reduces stress, and improves your mood.

Could the healing gift of nature be your bridge to LOVE?

Environmental writer Naima Montacer talks about nature’s powerful effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

She writes about one hospital study showing, “Patients with a tree to view through their window had shorter hospital stays, received fewer negative comments from nurses, took fewer analgesics, and had slightly lower scores for post-surgical complications.”

“Schools with nature programs have reported higher test scores, graduation rates, and more student interest in college. There’s no doubt about it, we are meant to merge with nature.”

So, give it a try. Find a quiet place outside to meditate. Let the sound of birds chirruping and frogs croaking seep into your soul. Soak up sun kisses and get in touch with the brush of a breeze as it riffles your hair. Let the healing touch of nature be your bridge to LOVE.

Still feeling a little stuck?

You may have residual grief about your relationship with your father. Try using this Powerful Prayer for Shifting Grief.

What is not mine, I leave behind

Your responses matter

Each of you makes a difference when you become;

  • Aware
  • Get still and breathe
  • Connect from your heart with another.


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,