If you don’t use your imaginative mind to create dreams, one of the following voices will use it for you.


Loud voices


 Four loud voices live within your mind:


  • The voice of the child who wants that bowl of ice cream.
  • The adult self who governs the child.
  • The parental self, who’s voice you’ve integrated. (You are too loud. You’ll never amount to anything. You can’t…)
  • The societal voice telling you how you measure up with others, your job, your bank account, or the cultural mandates of behavior.


So, which voice will you listen to?


And what dreams will you manifest instead?


When comparing the “master-manifester” to the ordinary person, the difference is slight.


So here’s a great illustration of what I mean. Last week I had the privilege of working with corporate clients. One man shared an experience highlighting his wife’s miraculous manifesting abilities.


They had gone to REI to buy a very expensive tent. While shopping, they saw an expensive cooler that keeps ice frozen for four days. The couple knew they needed it for their upcoming week-long camping adventure. They kept the voices of desire in check. The cooler wasn’t in their budget.


Instead, his wife said, “I’m going to manifest this.” Within days Fed Ex delivered the EXACT color, size, and brand of cooler to their door. No card enclosed or return address. They called Fed EX to investigate. The rep said their policy prohibited revealing the shipment source.


The man’s question to me was, “How did this happen?”


My reply, “Your job is to use the power of your mind to state the WHAT. The How is none of your business.”


He laughed.


“Obviously, your wife is aware of her ability to ask and receive. Remember, it is done unto you as you believe,” I said.


The Creative Word


Robert Bitzer wrote:

I am not bound by traditional thinking nor habitual living.

I venture into new expressions. Once I mentally perceive the value of a new experience, my whole being goes into its fulfillment.

~ Robert, Bitzer, “The Creative Word”


In light of that, I ask you:


Are you using your mind to create your dream?


A Fifth Voice


As an exercise in creating dreams, I invite you to watch this short video. My dear grandma friend, Barb Golden, sent it to me. She filmed it at Bess Streeter Aldrich elementary school in Omaha, NE.


Click Here to Watch (3:11)

Elementary School Memorial Day Celebration

After watching answer these questions:

  • Which part engaged your mind?
  • What emotions are you feeling in your heart?


Now close your eyes, exhale, take a relaxing breath. Feel the majesty of this music.


Then listen to your Fifth Voice. The voice of your Wellbeing – who you really are.


Allow the power of the chorus to resonate in the cells of your body.


Now, open your eyes and write your dream.


Finally, hit reply and share your dream with me. I’ll hold it with you as I meditate at the river this week.


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,




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