Memories help frame your reactions, decisions, and who you are from the inside out. And they come in many forms. A great exercise to practice to better understand yourself and others comes through connection with your inner 5-year-old. 

Our first connection is within our mother’s womb. 

On this Mother’s Day 2022, what is your first memory of your mother? How old were you? 

I vividly remember being 5 when my father took us to see my mother, who was in an iron lung. She had contracted polio as a night nurse at Mary Lanning Hospital in Hastings, NE. Decades later, she would blame herself for my brother Mark’s mental illness after reading about the high incidence of paranoid schizophrenia related to polio pregnancies. 

Being the oldest, I bravely held my brother Alan’s hand as we got close to the garden level window to smile at Mother. 

Even then, illness could not break our loving connection. 

How grateful I am for the safety, stability, and support of my loving Mother. 

Many of you did not have a mother who was present. You were not seen, known, and appreciated. Some of you were not even wanted.

On this Mother’s Day, I invite you to make a connection with your inner 5-year-old. 

Think about these specifics and answer:

👧What is she wearing?
👧Where is she at?
👧What expression do you see on her face?
👧What would you like to say to her to mother her at this moment?
👧What did she long to hear from her mother?

My mother passed in July 1997. I still remember our last Mother’s Day.

She was dying of a brain tumor, so she wore her perfectly styled wig, the huge cymbidium orchid that I always bought her, and her steel blue jogging suit. I was pretty miffed at my dad as I had asked him to dress her in another outfit. He met my raised eye-brow with, “It was the best we could manage, Georgena.” 

What a perfect lesson in the connection of compassion.

When you thought about your inner 5-year-old, what lesson did you learn in the connection?

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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