If you’re a human living on planet earth, then you know loss happens. Loved ones die, relationships end, diseases ravage, and dreams evaporate.

Loss is part of living.
And grief is a universal consequence of loss.
It’s part of the human experience.

Well, duh. That’s obvious,” you might think. So why is it that when devastating grief strikes, we don’t always know how to cope? Or where to begin the healing process? [Of course, our emotions overwhelm us in the initial shock of grief. That’s not the time to worry about coping.
You’re surviving.]

I know it sounds weird. But the best way to start the healing process is before a season of grief.


Begin now.

Anchor yourself in this hope-filled assurance:

Grief is a part of the life cycle.

In grief, you are like a seed that goes into the ground, lies hidden and dormant, splits open, roots down, and springs up new.

Your grief will go deep into your heart and stay buried there. Hidden. Dark. Seemingly forever.
You might feel like you died along with your loved one. That life will always be overshadowed by a blanket of grief.

Until one day, you’ll notice something has changed.

You feel more centered. And life begins to sprout. It courses through your veins. Energy once more returns.

A new you. New joy. The next leg of your life’s journey. The aliveness you feel compels you to explore the question, “Who am I Now?”

No, we can’t escape seasons of grief. Loss happens. Life will never be the same.

Grief will break you open. And something new will grow from it.

Hold on to this truth. It will anchor your soul during your season of grief. 

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

P.S. – There are Twelve Truths of Grieving. Things I wish someone had shared with me in my
season of deep grief. Get yours HERE.

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