Introducing Beyond Your Loss:

The Lighthouse of Awareness

Last week Beyond Your Grief officially became Beyond Your Loss.

Grief vs Loss – What’s the difference?

You may be wondering why I changed the name from grief to loss. It doesn’t seem like much difference.

Here are my thoughts:

The word ‘loss’ is easier to say than ‘grief’.

Grief is a natural consequence of loss. But it feels like a life sentence. The word grief feels lonelier, isolating, daunting and never-ending.

The word “loss” on the other hand feels more hopeful. There is a possibility of recovery. A glimmer of hope. Just as the caterpillar is transformed in the darkness of the cocoon there is a promise of something better. Loss offers faith in a nebulous process that others have successfully emerged from.

My business changes reflect my personal growth

The decision to change my business name reflects my personal growth and changes. I have a renewed dedication to serving more people and being an agent of change. I want to help grow community consciousness about loss and grief; perhaps even to help change the way we grieve as a nation.

My new website reflects these changes too, using cutting-edge information and concepts. It’s designed to provide more information for our community.

Thank you for visiting. Please click here and see the updated website at . Many new resources have been added. Share with the hurting people in your world.

So, what do you think? Grief or loss? Comment below.