A breeze has the ability to take your breath away, fill your lungs, and yet feel gentle and caress your skin at the same time. When you grieve, you have the same ability if you can be still, listen, and hear your body.

Wind is all about feeling. You can’t see it whipping about or calmly sweeping through. 

Your body functions similarly. The important aspects aren’t the muscles you do or don’t have or the freckles that dot your skin. What matters is what you can’t see under the surface. 

Close your eyes.

🍃Do you feel that rustle inside?
🍃Can you sense that reverberation of memories?
🍃Has your awareness shifted throughout your grief journey?

Following the natural current and allowing the emotions to blow through, they will guide you through your loss in a much smoother way.

Listen to the whisper in the WIND:


You must let the emotions blow freely through your body. Each feeling is worth exploring and acknowledging. It has a message. If you deny its existence, that emotion can tear through like a tornado. Give it the time and space it deserves to reveal its guidance.


Once you’re in the thick of the feelings, you can identify the source and address it appropriately so you can move through and beyond. It’s difficult to solve something you can’t recognize or remember. When it has a name, it becomes much less overwhelming and daunting.


Think about what it is that you and your body need during this time of grief. You let your feelings breathe, identified them and their source, now you work on finding your needs and desires to reclaim your life. Whether simple or complex, it’s up to you.


The cycle of loss is not linear. It’s important to remember that as wind changes directions, so can how you discover yourself again on your grief odyssey. You may find pieces where you least expect them. 

WIND lifts and carries items seemingly with ease. Your journey beyond grieving can be carried as well. Remember, you’re not alone on this path. 

If you need some calm, soothing assistance, use these Audio Meditations to find comfort and lead you on a path out of the darkness: https://integratedwellbeinginstitute.com/product/audio-meditations/

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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