Awakening Awareness

What is the benefit of Group Grief Relief for businesses?

When a dozen team members are recognizing, relating to & releasing grief from their bodies, they return to work with awareness, connection, curiosity & expansion from an energized place of clarity & mindfulness, life has more ease and flow.

Awakened Awareness is a 6-week transformational process- from pain to peace.

Ten employees or less of your company drowning in a grief tsunami.

Six consecutive Thursday evenings for 75 minutes. 

Georgena’s Zoom Room. Participants determine start time.  

Grief is an inside job. It lives in the body. By taking the time to listen to the aches, pains & sensations in the body, we understand their messages. Then the body, instead of our mean, looping mind, becomes our guide through grief.

Prior to the first session, each participant will complete a Grief Awareness Assessment & 20- minute individual phone clarification session with Georgena. This becomes their personal path to Awakened Awareness. Articles will be emailed weekly & the Grief Awareness Assessment will be completed by each participant after Week 6 & reviewed by Georgena.  

The Program Promise

Participants will be able to implement the 5 Integrated Wellbeing Principles so they experience freedom, renewed energy
& a new way of being in the world.

Navigating the Ocean of Emotion

Revealing the deepest, darkest parts of themselves longing to be heard and healed


Answering the question: Who Am I Now?

Weekly Format

Week 1

Identify 3 Major Losses in their Life. Know: Awareness is the First Key to Change. Somatic Grief Release & ‘Letting Go of the Getting Here’ Tools

Week 2

Know: Grief Brings Up the Deepest Parts of Ourselves Longing to be Healed. 5 Essential Elements of Health Review & Loss Timeline Tools

Week 3

Know: The Beliefs that are keeping you STUCK in Grief. Shifting Beliefs with the tool of ACE: Awareness, Curious Connection & Expansion

Week 4

Recognize, Relate to & Release the Dark Emotions. Emotional Embrace & The Emotional Elevator Tools

Week 5

Navigating your Own Ocean of Emotion. The River Within & Forgiveness Formula

Week 6

YOU can Create a New Story. Releasing the Mindset of Grief & Embodying Integrated Wellbeing Tools.