Last Sunday was a dreadful emotional day. I felt on the verge of drowning in an ocean of emotion. It was time to “walk my talk” – big time.

The day started out fine. I watched my favorite CBS Sunday Morning show. Talked with an artistic friend. And attended a spiritual gathering. All before noon.

But it was too much. Too much stimulus. Too much coffee. And too much wishing. Wishing for sunshine while sipping Oregon Pinot Noir. Wishing I was sitting with my tribe at a favorite quaint Mountainview winery.

So, I practiced what I teach.

I went to my prayer tree by the river to lean into its support. I simply surrendered all the tension to the current flowing by. I allowed myself to be in the moment. To cry.

Then I remembered an email from the day before. A widower I know shared his decision to give his sad stubborn self a gift. The gift of grace.

After reading his message, I too gratefully received the gift of grace. In fact, since I was never given a middle name at birth, I decided to adopt Grace as a middle name. What a gift indeed.

This week, when I feel the temptation to “push” instead of “pause”, I ask:

“What truly IS mine to do?”
“What physical, mental, emotional state am I in?”
“How old am I feeling in the moment?”
“Where am I feeling this in my body?”
“What is its message?”

Now it’s your turn

I invite you to navigate the ocean of emotion by letting your body guide you. You can use the above simple questions.

And, as always, your thoughts and insights sustain me. I love it when you share. Your responses keep me afloat these days. Because we all need each other.

Please hit reply and tell me: If you were to add a middle name, what would it be? Why?

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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