It’s been another emotionally grueling week. We can no longer deny it. Like a seed, we are broken open – broken open to grow.

Grief is the gateway to growth

I recently shared this new paradigm of grief with KrisitanFoden-Vencil of OPB radio. Loss hurts. The pain we are all feeling is the pain of growth, growing pains if you will. Let’s stop giving grief a bad rap. We are each being called to move beyond private loss and grief to that of our collective grief. A dear friend from Florida asked on our early morning call, “What can an old (rich) white woman do?”


Stop. Breathe into your heart. Feel your feet on the earth. Take your attention from your feet to your heart to center yourself. Then ask, “What is mine to do?” Five simple words. Simply ask. When we do, there is always an answer within.

I offer the following words of wisdom:

From Richard Rohr’s, The Universal Christ, Chapter 13: “It Can’t Be Carried Alone.” When we carry our small suffering in solidarity with the one universal longing of all humanity, it helps keep us from self-pity or self-preoccupation. We know that we are all in this together, and it is just as hard for everybody else. Almost all people are carrying a great and secret hurt, even when they don’t know it. When we can make the shift to realize this, it softens the space around our overly defended hearts. It makes it hard to be cruel to anyone. It somehow makes us one – in a way that easy comfort and entertainment never can.

Dive deeper

Here’s a link to a video by Emmanuel Acho: As well as a Resource Page with numerous links for further reading. Share your thoughts and experiences with me. We’re in this together. Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you, Georgena

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