This week a bereaved mother came into the office. With dread in her voice she said, “His birthday is coming soon. It feels so heavy, awful, scary, and shattering – once again.” Her Day-of-Dread approaches. Do you have one too? You can’t stop that day from arriving, just like you can’t stop a tornado. So, I invite you to surrender.

Surrender to the Reality

Simply be with your thoughts about your beloved. Notice the feelings your thoughts trigger. Allow yourself to feel each emotion triggered by that thought…without any judgement. Dark heavy thoughts of sadness, anger, longing. Or light joyful thoughts of your beloved’s amazing self. Wave a white flag of surrender. Signal to the dark heavy thoughts and the dark heavy feelings:

I will allow you.

I will not tense my body to resist you.

I will not busy my mind to distract myself.

I will surrender like a leaf dropping into a moving stream. The leaf twists and turns as the water moves around the bank, over rocks, and under bridges. It does not curl up. The leaf does not push back. It moves wherever it is taken. And then declare your plan to the Day-of-Dread.

“I will simply write it all down.”

“I will ask someone to be with me to celebrate my beloved’s life.”

“I will light a candle in their memory.”

Yes, your beloved is gone. But they are fine.   Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you, Georgena

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