Are you afraid that you may forget your most treasured memories of those you’ve lost?

Several people said to me this week, “I’m afraid of forgetting him.” Or, “Time is passing since her death and my memories of her are passing too.”

Perhaps thoughts of Memorial Day are triggering fear. The fear that we’ll forget is pulling at our hearts. It’s scary when our memories fade like the ink on a newspaper, disappearing over time.

While we may retain items such as treasured trinkets or photographs, the memories we hold dear is the most valuable to many of us.

That’s why I want to reassure you by offering this processing exercise. I invite you to pick up your journal, notebook, or pad of paper and write:


I Remember…

Then, as memories float into your awareness, complete that phrase.
Later, write more as thoughts come to you. Don’t pressure. Let the memories come. They’ll come to you during a time of solitude, before you go to sleep, or some moment over the weekend.

Take time to write them down. The memories aren’t gone. Trust.

It becomes hard when we pressure ourselves to remember or feel the fear of forgetting. Then it’s like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

When you move into that place of Inner Stillness, breathe into your heart. Ground your hips, feel your back supported.

Then you can tap into the Quantum Field. Love and memories are not being forced. They are invited and allowed.

Please let me know how the process works for you this Memorial Day.

Please take a moment to read this post: When the Grief Shark Attacks. I wrote it to help you when grief sneaks up on you unexpectedly.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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