Portland police found Derek Rieth’s body on Wednesday evening. The State medical Examiner concluded his death was a suicide, the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Family and friends each felt trauma invade their body when they learned of Derek’s death.  They were plunged into the vortex of grief, internal, deep, dark anguished feelings and thoughts. How will this community who loved this man each move through their grief?

Will they grieve consciously or unconsciously?

Conscious Grief is an awareness of and willingness to embrace the thoughts trigger and feelings of anger, sadness, shame and disconnect. Conscious grievers do not numb their grief with busyness, alcohol and being plugged in 24/7. They have an internal confidence knowing they can and will move through and beyond their grief.

Conscious grievers know they are empowered to be transformed by their grief.

Conscious grievers engage in Intentional Mourning. A New Mourning.  They wail and Wail and WAIL. They let their anguish be seen and heard.

Michael Liggett posted the powerful shrine in honor of Derek created at Center Space Studio during his thunderous celebration of life on Saturday.

When we know what to expect BEFORE the grief is upon us, it is not so scary and truly be transformative.

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