April showers bring May flowers. We’re all familiar with that phrase. When you think in terms of grief, a new month acts as a whole new chapter for washing away grief and paving the way for new growth. The key to unlocking that gateway of growth is to do the work and be with the grief.

We need to let the showers rain down so we can breakthrough to the flowers.

The best way to do this in a business setting is through Workplace ER: Emotional Wellbeing.

Options include support through:

🌱 Re-set Resource Library
🌱 Emotional Wellbeing Assessment
🌱 Interactive Lab Presentations
🌱 Individual Participant Coaching

Grief is a very personal experience and can take many forms, and in the workplace it is important to establish a culture that grants permission to grief and encourages healthy grief. The process can be heavy, but having that support will help reduce the weight so you can move through emotions and reactive, habitual beliefs and patterns.

Practical Tools

When washing away grief, it helps to have tools for the rain. You don’t want to forget your umbrella or galoshes when you’ll be wading through the puddles. Workplace ER equips you with Somatic Grief Release©, ACE, and The 4 R’s of Integrated Wellbeing.

ACE stands for:

☔ Awareness
☔ Connection with Curiosity
☔ Expansion

While you walk away with a deeper understanding of the 4 R’s of Integrated Wellbeing:

☂️ Rest
☂️ Relax
☂️ Renew
☂️ Reimagine

Once you let the storm that’s been brewing inside finally open up, you can use your tools to get you through as it passes. Then, you’ll see new growth and life as the skies begin to clear. I invite you to look beyond the chaos of the moment to what could help you get your life back and 🌂 put your umbrella away 🌂 with Integrated Wellbeing.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

If you’re struggling with the emotional process of grief...

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