March 20, 2022 is the first day of spring. Spring is often thought of as the season of awakening, and is a time where we welcome in warmer weather, brighter colors, and the energy of renewal. Spring is the herald of birth, and is the balance between winter and summer. Today, we’re going to talk about 3 ways to spring into deeper gratitude and joy, using the WOW method.

What is the WOW method?

WOW stands for:
W: Willingness
O: Openness
W: Wonder

I like to think of this as a way to approach most things in life. It’s a mindful method to stay present, and therefore be more aware of the beautiful tapestry that is life.

W: Willingness to Experience Gratitude and Joy

The first W—willingness—can be the most difficult for those who have experienced loss. Being willing means that we’re eager, ready, and favorably inclined. But when we’ve gone through a loss, it can feel like a betrayal to be willing to experience gratitude and joy.

When you’re ready to accept a new way of life, you are now willing to experience gratitude and joy. Being inclined toward a radiant life does not mean that your feelings for your loved one are diminished—you are not required to stay in the Raw or Fragile grief state in order to prove how much you treasure those that have passed on.

Be sure to check out this post if you find yourself struggling with giving yourself time to feel your Raw or Fragile Grief.

O: Openness

Being open means that you no longer actively keep yourself closed off from the people, places, events, and things that bring you joy and inspire gratitude.

It can be difficult to embrace the vulnerability that comes with opening ourselves back up to that which has the potential to cause us pain and grief. For example, a person who has lost a spouse or a partner may feel fear and anxiety around the thought of finding romantic love again, because they know what it’s like to lose someone so close to their heart.

One could also liken being open to being available for the good that life has to offer. And remember, you don’t have to open the entire door to get that fresh spring air. Cracking a window will do until you’re ready to let the breeze flow through your entire being!

W: Wonder

Life itself can make us jaded, to the point of forgetting what inspires gratitude and joy. We forget everything from our favorite meals to the places that make us drop our jaws in awe of the miracle of nature.

But the way around that is to make an effort to marvel at the wonders around us. If you’re struggling, this blog post is a study in how to recognize your every day as a miracle.

Remember, when you’re in the midst of grief, the world can lose color. Tastes are dulled, sounds are murmurs where they once were clear, and the things that used to put a spark of joy in our veins fades into the background.

But when we choose to deliberately see, and appreciate, the miracles that we are and that surround us, the beauty of living a radiant existence can return and we can once again experience gratitude and joy!

What wonders did the first day of spring bring you? Share below!

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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