Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, and is known in some commonwealth countries—in modern times—as being comparable to Black Friday in the United States. In the past, however, it was known as the day when people would gather food, money, and gifts to give to tradespeople, servants, and the poor. Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways the past meaning of Boxing Day can inspire healing from grief.

Note: While Boxing Day is currently focused on shopping and sports, the past meaning highlights the social differences between ‘wealthy’ and ‘poor’ people, and can be triggering to some. Integrated Wellbeing Institute does not condone, agree with, or otherwise support the improper treatment of anyone.

Acknowledge the need for healing

Before the 21st century, Boxing Day was primarily meant to help those in need. The servants, servicepeople, and the destitute were given gifts of money, food, and even cloth or tools. The ‘haves’ actively acknowledged the needs of the ‘have-nots’.

When it comes to grief, we have to acknowledge the need for healing. As a society, we’re taught to avoid our emotions and mask our true feelings. We are told to hide our emotions to avoid making others feel awkward. Doing this impedes our ability to move toward radiant living, because we end up dismissing our emotions in favor of the comfort of those around us. Check out this blog around Ostriching Your Way through the Holidays.

Boxing Day teaches us that in order to fill a need, we have to acknowledge it. And healing when we’re in grief is a need. When we choose to actively listen to our bodies—where grief lives—we can move from moments of pain to moments of peace.

Gather up inspired resources

Whenever the affluent people would gather up gifts for Boxing day, they’d choose things that were truly needed. Gifts of cloth so that people could make clothing, diapers, or bandages were needed, as were gifts of food. Some would give tradespeople new or better tools so that they could ply their trade more efficiently. Others would give money so that the receiver could choose how they wanted to improve their lives.

When it comes to grief, it’s important to have the proper resources—and there are a great many that you can choose from to create the toolkit that works best for you. Some of these include journaling, speaking with a grief therapist, spending time with friends and family, meditation, scream therapy, intentional breathing, exercise, charity work, and so much more. It’s also important to remember that grief is not a disease to cure. It is not a problem to fix. It is emotion living in your body, and the goal of Integrated Wellbeing Institute is to teach you how to move from shattered to radiant living.

Present healing gifts to yourself

The best thing about giving yourself gifts is this: You don’t need a holiday, special event, or special occasion. If you’re feeling down on a random Tuesday, you can give yourself a healing present. Perhaps you’ll take the time to indulge in some self-care, like a hot bath or a massage.

Some have a difficult time feeling deserving of these healing gifts. If you’re one of these people, remember this: You deserve to feel well. You deserve radiant living. You deserve a life of peace and contentment, highlighted with spikes of joy. And if gifting yourself healing items (a moment alone, self-care, a new journal, meditation candles, etc.) can help you achieve this, then it’s truly a need that should be met.

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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