#1 Decide to Show UP for 5 Minutes

Grieving parents feel alone.

Abandoned by friends who don’t know what to say or fear saying the wrong thing, they are excluded.

Make the decision to show up by remembering when you felt most alone.

What was happening in your life? Where did you live? How old were you?

What would you liked to have had happen? What would you have liked to hear?

Send a text NOW to your grieving parent friend or relative to read: “Thinking of you again. How are you in this moment?”

Intend after all this time, that they will respond.

When they do, begin the five minute count.

Continue the conversation remembering this is a person you care for. What do you want to know?

Where are they going to be for Thanksgiving? Who are they going to be with?


 #2 Ask If They Have Been to a Movie Recently?

Look before you ask via text “Have you been to a movie lately? What movies interest you?”

(Probably not the movie Wonder which tells the story of a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending elementary school for the first time.)

Your choice to text: “May I buy and send you the tickets for _______?” or “May I meet you to see the movie______?” If they live far away, you have supported

them from a distance.

At this point you, as a friend or relative are thinking, Quick? Simple? are you kidding, Georgena? It is a connection.

A movie is great because:

a. You buy the tickets for the grieving parent as a gift

b. You meet briefly before

c. Watch the movie

d. Talk about it as you walk out

e. Hug them and leave.

# 3 Send an Electronic Note and the Virtual Gift Basket

Text to thank them for their reply text or for meeting you for the movie.

Then send click this link:https://www.beyondyourgrief.com/product/virtual-gift-basket/

When it arrives in your inbox LISTEN to it.

The forward it on with the note:

“I struggle to know what to say. Georgena doesn’t. She is a Grieving Parent, too.”

Remember, anyone of these is your “I Love You” to them.

Connection Made!!

(P.S. If you are a Grieving Parent simply FORWARD this to 3 people and let me know what happens)