My Dear Community,

After years of grief, I wish I had known these twelve truths of grieving. Having someone guide me through grief’s journey may have shortened the healing process. To find the happiness waiting Beyond my Loss.

Twelve Truths of Grieving

  1. Grief is a natural consequence of loss. And loss is part of life’s cycle.
  2. You’ve got to feel the emotions to heal them. By allowing the tsunami of grief to dash you to the depths of despair, you are actually moving into and through the process. What are you feeling? Name it. How is your resistance to these feelings keeping you in grief?
  3. Grief lives in your body. It might be a stabbing pain in your shoulder, a knot in your neck or extra pounds that have gradually appeared to keep you safe. Where does grief live in your body? What are the messages of this embodied grief?
  4. Thoughts can trigger waves of grief. Is there a repetitive thought running through your mind every day? If only…, I should have…, What if…  Why are you feeling this? What false BELIEF is the root cause of this feeling?
  5. Grief disconnects us from ourselves. We long for who or what is no more. Are you staying in the present or living in the past? Feel your feet on the ground or your hips in a seat.
  6. Focus your attention in this moment by exhaling out forcefully. You’ll be able to allow the next breath in more easily. Your breath feeds your brain and fuels your body. Breath = Energy Flow. How far down does your breath go in your body? To your throat? Your chest? Your stomach?
  7. We are vulnerable in Grief. It allows us the opportunity to ask for help. When we don’t ask for or accept offered help, we hold ourselves back – feeling stuck.
  8. Grief saps the energy from our bones. It is okay to sleep, to rest, to stop doing. Are you keeping busy, busy, busy to dull the grief? Or are you stopping to listen to your body and give it the rest it requires?
  9. Grief brings up self-criticism, failures, and doubts. How are you speaking to yourself? With patience and compassion, or hateful, hurtful self-talk?
  10. Grief gives us the opportunity to be a victim or a victor. To survive or thrive. How do you see yourself as a result of this loss?  Do you realize what an amazing creation you truly are? We are not broken. We are broken open.
  11. Peace is at the center of your grief. Have you sat down to intentionally connect with this loving, powerful, peaceful stillness?
  12. While in the cocoon of grief, a New You is emerging. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do from this time forward?

Embrace the truths of grieving

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey of grief, these truths bring healing. Even though I’m out of the pit, I still have times when I need to review and embrace truth.

Share this with someone who needs truth. You can be the one bringing light and life.

If you have questions about any of these 12 Truths, ask me by replying to this email.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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